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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Buy a Saucepan :P

why do i need to buy a saucepan? i have no idea, i just did - i don't cook or anything - i just wanted to own a nice cute little saucepan and here it is, i need to buy a frying pan though and learn to make pancakes!

my cute little blue saucepan :D


Make a Capelet

the picture is not very clear, but i think that you will get the general idea and the sad news is that my LYS is out of yarn, i fear that they might shut down and i have no idea, what i am going to do then???


The Last Post - What Would I Lose?

[this is not really a last post - it was a last post that i wrote before leaving my previous job]

Being a teacher is supposed to be a fulfilling job, but it is not always the case.

certain times, when my decisions as a teacher are overridden, i feel down and discouraged. Thinking what is the point of all the things. I go through to make sure that everything is proper.

For example, when checking the exam papers, I found that a child has left almost all the paper blank and as a result, he failed. I later discovered that he has flunked almost all other subjects as well. [we raised a great objection when he got the admission in this particular grade, because his entry test stated it clearly that he is unable to take the burden ... anyway] The reason he doesn't understand English.

Anyway, we decided to detain him [that is, we thought that it is best for him to repeat the class] and the parent of the child was called to discuss the matter.

Now, the father happens to be of some kind of the powerful officer. he came storming and threaten us to take to court and accused of  being biased and whatnot.

now after the sunday holiday, he came to office all tames and calm because he got what he wanted: he got his son promoted by asking the principal to do so. lots of reasons for principal to give in.

the point of this discussion is that I'll ultimately stop seething and thinking about the issue. but the problem will not go away, it will only grow compound for the father and the child. the child will not overcome his problems but keep ignoring them. he needs help with his basic language and reading skills, he needs motivation with his studies. he needs help with his social skills, he needs to calm down and feel normal not like the son of some high profile officer ... who could get things done his own way forcefully!

so, i'll forget the child; and the entire matter but the problems will keep growing and the father would use his power to get the child out of the problem . . . and then one day, the father would be tired and the son would be incurable. i'll be out of the picture, and the child and the parent will regret and nothing could be done!!!!

i still wish him all the best and i pray that his father sees the light that sometimes unnecessary support also becomes a burden and a curse for the children.


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Learn to Crochet

so i finally got around to post the pictures. i learnt crochet in February of this year, but that was the practice piece, and no skill is complete until you have a completed project. so i complete the crochet scarf in september or may be in october and it is currently owned by this nice boy that deserve the best in the world!
The first attempt!

Close up!

the new owner :)


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Eat a New Dish

Finally, I had a chullupa [? or it was spelled the other way?] it was this crisp pita bread, filled with chicken and topped with tomato salsa and the amazing pickled chilies and cheese and served with the sauce [which i honestly did not taste, fearing that it would be spicy] and a drink :D. an experience worth repeating!

The Receipt 

the amazing chullupa!


Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Hunger Games Trilogy - Review

well, i have been nursing my book hangover for past 3 days now and i can't seem to come out of the trance that this trilogy sent me into and reading other books is quite impossible because every time I do something i remember Peeta and Katniss and the way the book is written.

it is much more than a love story, and the televised murder of the innocent children, may be i am reading too much between the lines, but it has so many complex ideas in the book that i can't stop thinking about it.

it has themes like a totalitarian government that punishes its citizens for crimes that were not committed by them. it is about how the human race could sacrifice its own children for the covert agenda, it is a story about love, sacrifice, compassion, friendship, courage, hatred and survival. it constantly reminded me of the dialogue from V for Vendetta

"People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people"

it touches upon the ideas that was presented in 1984 by George Orwell,  that "People need power for the sake of power and for no other reason."

it is the way i see Coin, wanting power for the sake of power and ready to sacrifice more children for her own agenda.

it is easy to say that my favorite character from the trilogy is Peeta, because he loses so much during the course of the series and still is able to ask the question that bothers him so much, life can be simplified if we can ask questions and clarify our confusions.

i am so engrossed in this book even after finishing it, that the other book i started reading [Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling] seems bland in front of it.

this series might be intended as YA, but like Catcher in the Rye, it is going to be popular among every sort of reader, may be it has already happened.

i had fun reading it and it is highly recommended to anyone who wants to see the complex sides of human nature.

5 stars - or whatever the rating it higher.

P.S. listen to "We Remain" by Christina Auguilera  -  amazing song!


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Kheryaan De Naal

So, I am sitting here and listening to this song from Coke Studio 7, sung by Niazi Brothers, "Kheryan De Naal" and i am doing nothing else, because listening to this song is a work in itself. the review in "Dawn" said that the song creeps on you, but it doesn't, it grows inside you, until you feel nothing but the love of Heer for Ranjha; that you agree when she proclaims that "My beloved Ranjha is the most beautiful and it is I who is not so."

When you feel that there is nothing more important than her love and the pain she is suffering because she is being asked to go with someone else; and how she is pleading with everyone else that she doesn't want to go.

this song in seven short minutes grow so much into you that you become Heer yourself and feel the pain of separation, the joy of knowing Ranjha and the love she felt for him. Until you become the flute lamenting with Heer and until you are haunted by the unrequited love, until you are in a trance and you are seeking Ranjha too and when it ends, it becomes very hard to come out of the trance; it leaves you wanting more! It leaves you in a world beyond the world of your own!

Niazi Brothers, Kheryaan De Naal, Coke Studio Pakistan, Season 7, Episode 5 from Coke Studio on Vimeo.