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Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Impressions

Is the first impression always the last impression? I don't think so ... I usually start by liking people a lot, for me they can do no wrong, they all are inherently good and want or cause no harm to me or to anyone else in the society! but with every passing encounter and observations I discover things that i dislike and end up mostly disliking them altogether in most of the cases.

In the same was a friends of mine always starts with being wary of the people, she won't get too close or put too much trust in people or anything, she finds it very difficult to trust people and with every new interaction discovers the new and positive things about those once unknown.

we are not discussing here whose method of assessing people is better, but that we both don't retain the first impressions of the people we meet, we change them over time. we might remember what we first thought of them but that doesn't make us keep liking or disliking them. second thing that i have noticed and most people i discussed with disagree with it, that your appearances make a very big impact on how people perceive you, vanity may be but this is how i feel about people and the first impressions!


Ten Characteristics of Pakistanis

Just a note before i begin. i am not criticizing myself or my fellow country people, i am just trying to be objective and see where do we go wrong!

1. we know how to live without electricity, water and natural gas.
2. when we are demonstrating against the government, we hurt ourselves.
3.we are a special brand of muslims, removed away from real Islam, but believe in anything that a mullah will tell us, not bothering to find out the truth ourselves or to confirm the spoken word!
4. we think that speaking English is height of literacy.
5. we think breaking a traffic rule is not a punishable crime.
6. we love criticizing ourselves even for the things that we have not done wrong
7.  we always select the people to rule us that we know will not prove themselves, no matter how many chances.
8. we talk about the change and so much want it, but will wait for someone else to start the movement.
9. we think that everything that goes wrong in our country is American/Indian/Jewish conspiracy and that 'Muslims' are incapable of doing anything wrong.
10. We love to rant and do nothing practical!

so here goes my ten characteristics of Pakistanis [these include some of my own traits too :/!!!!]


Sunday, May 25, 2014

What I Actually Want to Say

we are humans and are very proud of the fact. but sometimes and these days quiet often i keep wondering what happen to our humanity when we most need it?

i watch all these strange movies that say that they are based on real lives of people and real incidents. World War II, the Bosnian War, human trafficking, slavery, etc etc and i question my own humanity?

no matter what i have been told about people, ethnicity, culture, religion, beliefs, sexual orientation, languages, choices, i am faced with humans everyday - in the end - they are like me. little excited, little scared, little angry and hateful, but humans nonetheless. how can i kill them?

forget killing that is easy, how can i let go of my humanity and make them feel below the level of humanity. how can one human torture another human so much that it wishes for death. his own death! weren't we supposed to love life and save and cherish it?

i don't understand what makes one person drill another person's body? or pluck their fingernails out? or piss all over them? how can man beat up a woman and then lie with her and expect it to be enjoyable?

what i actually want to ask is, what makes people commit all these horrible crimes? what make them forget their own humanity and that of the person in front of them?

how can we, become worst than the animals? we were created as the intelligent being!

what went wrong?


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Watch 100 Movies

1. Dakota's Summer
2. Bridges of Madison County
3. Around the World in Eighty Days (1956)
4. The Book Thief
5. The Nut Job
6. The Tale of Despereaux
7. The Railway Man
8. The Terminal
9. R. Rajkumar
10. Pure Country 2. The Gift
11. Alice through the Looking Glass
12. Austenland
13. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
14. Her
15. Khamosh Pani
16. Planes
17. Pup
18. That Awkward Moment
19. Vampire Academy
20. Gravity
21. A Walk to Remember
22. About a Boy
23. The Invisible Woman
24. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
25. Philomena
26. Kramer Vs. Kramer
27. The Switch
28. You May Not Kiss the Bride
29. Frozen
30. The Wolf of Wall Street
31. The Empire of Sun
32. The Golden Compass
33. Flipped
34. Romeo and Juliet
35. The Book of Esther
36. Breaking the Waves
37. Saving Mr. Banks
38. Soul Surfer
39. 12 Years a Slave
40. Slumdog Millionaire
41. The GReat Buck Howard
42. Field of Dreams
43. Afternoon Delight
44. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
45. A Case of You
46. Milk
47. Bedtime Stories
48. Dallas Buyers Club
49. Best Man Down
50. Free Birds
51. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
52. As I Lay Dying
53. In A World
54. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
55. Short Term 12
56. Blue Jasmine
57. A.C.O.D.
58. Social Nightmare
59. The Fifth State
60. Enough Said
61. About Time
62. Suspension of Disbelief
63. Touchy Feely
64. The Mortal Instrument: City of Bones
65. Matilda
66. Nim's Island
67. After Earth
68. Lady and The Tramp
69. The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug
70. The Muppets
71. The Best Offer
72. The Heat
73. Braveheart
74. District 9
75. Scenic Route
76. Wadjda
77. The Greatest Game Ever Played
78. The Kids are All Right
79. The Croods
80. The Artist
81. My Best Friend's Wedding
82. Enough Said
83. Gladiator
84. Little Children
85. About Time
86. Bambi
87. Fruitvale Station
88. The Right Kind of Wrong
89. Kill Your Darlings
90. The Legend of Hercules
91. Endless Love
92. Queen ... [awesome. all girls should watch it.]
93. Highway [let's go climb a mountain]
94. The Physician [WOW!!!!]
95. Labour Day
96. Little Manhattan
97. The Whistleblower
98. The Lego Movie
99. Shadi ke Side Effects [boring/useless]
100. Elizabethtown

Sunday, March 23, 2014


few days back a TV channel was having this as breaking news that head mistress of this certain school cut the hair of girls because of uncleanliness...

ask me, if i could do this i would do it too ... why???

the school where i teach students of grade 7 who literally put on make up to come to school [a mother complaining about her daughter] have lice and nits in their hair and to top it all of they make such elaborate hair style that u can observe the lice taking a leisurely stroll across the various partings...

and they don't feel guilty or unclean or anything at all.

given the circumstances, if i could then i would shave their hair too!!!


Buy new plants

done :)

i dunno the name of this plant, but i fell in love it!

here is my fern :)


Eat at two new places

for a person who is wary of going out and eating new things it was supposed to be a tough thing to do, but i have already done that... first were the fish and chips from london fries. they are available at ocean mall.

and the second place was where i always wanted to go - Sattar Buksh - the word play on Starbucks. the ambiance, the food, the presentation everything gets an A+ in my grade book.  here i decided to taste stuffed chicken with penne pasta. oh! the taste, the one i crave for in the middle of night. awesome :D