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Monday, September 8, 2014

Taste of Silence

My generation in general and I in particular, take pride in saying most of the times whatever we feel like saying to anyone and holding nothing back! but the other day while discovering tracks on my hard drive i came across a ghazal sand by Mehdi Hassan. it started with "Jo chahatay ho, so kehtay ho, chup rehnay ki lazat tum kia jano?" roughly translated to English it will mean that you say whatever you want, You don't know the taste of being silent.

the problem that i face here is translating the word 'lazat', it is not merely taste, it includes ecstasy of knowing something, it includes the taste obviously, the things you feel when you taste, touch, see, listen or smell something and that sends you to the world where nothing parallels it. the way they say that it opens new avenues for you. new feelings, new sensations. the word 'lazat' has various meaning and connotations in Urdu. it is a very rich word that can not be explained away with a single word or phrase.

so when i heard this ghazal - may be after a thousand years - i felt ashamed, tongue tied, dumbfounded by the fact that i actually don't know what it feels like to keep silent. because i have never taken silence as peace so i need noise in background, but why do that noise has to be mine? it should be possible that one listens to something and not respond to it, feel something and not say it. being vocal is not the solution of every problem. i have still not figured out the effect of this single line on me or my way of understanding world and the ability to say whatever i feel like saying. i am trying but for time being i am going to try and keep quiet and for once not say what i feel like saying and see where it takes me.


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Defense Day!

So a turn of event took me to lahore and i spent this wonderful day visiting lahore in Daewoo City Bus Service. except for a very loud, and unpleasant man sitting in front of me, everything was perfect. The last stop of the bus was Wahgah Border and in my life i have never felt as patriotic as i felt there!

These people were really beautiful, they really leave their lives for us. i know it was just a parade and it might be done for funds or show or any other reason, but the other side of this is the soldiers that actually fight for us to keep us protected and safe

but they actually do more than that!

During my visit to Naran, we went to Lake Lulusar, the entire highway was built by army, one might say they have vested interest in that highway but still it was such a hard work.

So Yeah, our armed forces do a lot for us and we should at least appreciate them. [will discuss their short comings some other time]


Learn to Knit Fair Isle

But i already knew how to do it, but i have never tried a complete project so i made myself a mobile phone cover! it is rudimentary and can be better!


Stitch 12 Cross Stitch Pictures

it is just one goal, but it takes time to achieve it. it should have been 12 goals!!!

Color Chaos

this one has no title

Still Raining? Padidngton Bear

For you! Paddington Bear

Winter Dreams




this one is made with many smaller motifs i found online - i named it Lovely Chaos!


Stitch Pictures for Coffee Wall

coffee wall is nothing, it is just an idea, like the heart wall and because i don't have a place of my own - they remain just the ideas. so here the pictures that i made for coffee wall and there r bunch of others that i did earlier. i can much better. they are simple cup cakes done in stem stitch and i tried a bit of satin stitch and lazy daisy!


Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Impressions

Is the first impression always the last impression? I don't think so ... I usually start by liking people a lot, for me they can do no wrong, they all are inherently good and want or cause no harm to me or to anyone else in the society! but with every passing encounter and observations I discover things that i dislike and end up mostly disliking them altogether in most of the cases.

In the same was a friends of mine always starts with being wary of the people, she won't get too close or put too much trust in people or anything, she finds it very difficult to trust people and with every new interaction discovers the new and positive things about those once unknown.

we are not discussing here whose method of assessing people is better, but that we both don't retain the first impressions of the people we meet, we change them over time. we might remember what we first thought of them but that doesn't make us keep liking or disliking them. second thing that i have noticed and most people i discussed with disagree with it, that your appearances make a very big impact on how people perceive you, vanity may be but this is how i feel about people and the first impressions!


Ten Characteristics of Pakistanis

Just a note before i begin. i am not criticizing myself or my fellow country people, i am just trying to be objective and see where do we go wrong!

1. we know how to live without electricity, water and natural gas.
2. when we are demonstrating against the government, we hurt ourselves.
3.we are a special brand of muslims, removed away from real Islam, but believe in anything that a mullah will tell us, not bothering to find out the truth ourselves or to confirm the spoken word!
4. we think that speaking English is height of literacy.
5. we think breaking a traffic rule is not a punishable crime.
6. we love criticizing ourselves even for the things that we have not done wrong
7.  we always select the people to rule us that we know will not prove themselves, no matter how many chances.
8. we talk about the change and so much want it, but will wait for someone else to start the movement.
9. we think that everything that goes wrong in our country is American/Indian/Jewish conspiracy and that 'Muslims' are incapable of doing anything wrong.
10. We love to rant and do nothing practical!

so here goes my ten characteristics of Pakistanis [these include some of my own traits too :/!!!!]